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High traffic floor areas are prone to dirt, grit and whatever else gets dragged in. This type of exposure can give a beautiful floor a less than professionally maintained appearance. If not regularly cleaned, dirt and grit can damage your floors permanently and cause unsafe conditions. You can ensure the cleanliness and safety of all your floors with professional quality floor cleaning, floor stripping and waxing services from Mainkey. With proper floor cleaning, thorough stripping and professional waxing services, your floors can maintain their shine and lessen the impact, wear and tear that commercial floors are exposed to.

Mainkey Services Corp. cleans and maintains all types of commercial flooring, institutional flooring as well as floors in retails businesses.

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Mainkey uses cutting edge cleaning methods and floor care techniques to clean and maintain the toughest floor cleaning challenges in Danbury CT and the entire New York metro area. Hard surfaces require regular floor stripping, and high quality wax or floor sealer to maintain a great appearance and safe conditions. Mainkey stripping and waxing services are world class services, performed by experienced janitorial contractors.

First we begin by dust mopping to make sure all loose dirt and debris has been removed. A thorough floor inspection and removal of gum, candy or other materials that may not easily be mopped up. For safety we post wet floor signs for employee and general public. The floor stripping solution is prepared to the manufactures and floor type specifications. The stripping solution is applied to small sections of the floor and let to dwell depending on the the condition and type of flooring surface. Mainkey uses state of the art mechanical scrubber with an abrasive pad to remove the existing wax or sealer. Mopping is done several times to remove the loose dirt and grime. The job is finished by applying the floor sealer or floor wax specific to the surface.

Mainkey Services Corp. provides professional floor cleaning and maintenance in all types of commercial, institutional and retails buildings.

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Danbury

Mainkey carpet cleaners use only the most advanced and effective carpet cleaning equipment available. Our carpet cleaning team can remove dirt, grime, and hard to get out stains from carpet, rugs and upholstery. Mainkey carpet cleaning is done with a combination of very hot water and industrial strength carpet shampoo. This method is highly effective for cleaning deeply soiled carpets with heavy oil and soil build up. Mainkey Services Corp. provides commercial carpet cleaning services for Danbury CT, Trumbull, Branford and surrounding cities in Connecticut and New York.

– First we shampoo using a high speed rotary carpet brush to loosen and lift the dirt.

– Then we do a hot water rinse and use an extraction vacuum to remove excess water, shampoo and dirt residue.

– Regular vacuuming is the key to keeping commercial carpet looking new and extending it’s usable life.

When dirt, grime and grit become embedded in the pile it will affect your carpet’s color and may cause matting. The daily vacuuming of heavy traffic areas is the best maintenance practice and with the Mainkey team you can have it done at the best possible price. Regular maintenance is much cheaper in the long run then the cost of carpet replacement.

Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services in Danbury Ct, New Fairfield, Newtown, Brewster and surrounding areas of New York and Connecticut.

Mainkey provides excellent care for commercial hardwood flooring with a urethane finish. When spills and spots occurs, we clean with the manufacturer’s recommended spot cleaner and remover. More stubborn stains sometimes require additional scrubbing with the appropriate cleaning pad. We never apply any type of wax to a urethane hardwood floor finish. We clean by applying the recommended cleaner to a dampened sponge mop. Floors with oil and urethane-type finishes are extremely durable. With Mainkey taking care of your floors they will look beautiful for years to come.

Commercial Hardwood Floor Care Tips
Always use a dolly with air tires when moving heavy furniture or equipment. Never slide or roll heavy objects across the floor without padding. Do not use a vacuum with beater bars, suction only works great. Do not wax your floors if they have a urethane finish.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning, Maintenance and Restoration – Wood types

  • Oak Hardwood Flooring
  • Maple Hardwood Flooring
  • Cherry Hardwood Flooring
  • Teak Hardwood Flooring
  • Natural Red Oak Hardwood Flooring
  • Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Old and damaged hardwood floors can be restored to their original look by the experienced professional floor cleaners at Mainkey Services Corp. A thorough cleaning and buffing can sometimes restore a good shine, but a complete refinishing of the floor is usually the only way to return worn and damaged old floors to their original richness and beauty. Mainkey is well prepared to handle projects such as wood sanding if needed and hardwood floor refinishing.

Laminate Floor Care Danbury CT

Mainkey provides routine care and cleaning by vacuuming and mopping commercial laminate floors. We use a dust mop or wipe with a damp cloth for most cleaning situations. In most buildings the flooring such as carpets, tiles, or stone are usually the first things clients and guests notice upon entering. Therefore, it is very important to leave a good initial impression with well maintained flooring. Carpets, which are commonly used everywhere, accumulate numerous stains, dirt, food and beverage spills, and other grime. Stains, which are not treated promptly, become more difficult to remove later. Mainkey Services Corp. consider the consistent cleanings to be necessary in protecting your carpets and ensuring the great appearance of your flooring as well as a clean and safe environment.

Our floor cleaning professionals are experts at the scrubbing of all types of floors, wall-to-wall carpet, oriental rug cleaning and maintenance, sanitizing of commercial upholstery, floor stain removal in traffic areas, and all other cleaning and janitorial applications.

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