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New York commercial cleaning specialists, Mainkey Services Corp. is a premier cleaning service provider for all of New York City and surrounding areas. Mainkey is a full service professional NY cleaning company that specializes in the cleaning of office buildings, schools, retail stores, restaurants, and other building and business types across the NY metro area. We offer business owners a one stop cleaning and maintenance solution that saves time and money. Our reputation for great customer service and highly competitive NY commercial cleaning pricing makes a call to Mainkey for a comprehensive free cleaning quote a very easy decision to make, 914-233-0210.

Mainkey’s New York Commercial Cleaning Service is able to provide building and business owners a better value for their cleaning budget. You can have your existing employees clean it, hire a full time janitor to clean it or bring in a professional NYC cleaning company to provide a safe and clean office and building environment? When you examine the options it really is easy to see why outsourcing your New York City cleaning needs to Mainkey is the most cost effective method for most business types. Bringing great cleaning value to NYC clients through highly customized cleaning schedules and services is what the owners of Mainkey Services Corp. has been providing since 1978. Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs and to receive a free no obligation cleaning quote today.

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Mainkey New York Janitorial Services does all the cleaning functions that keep your other employees doing what they do best. In order for you and your employees to focus your attention and energy at your core business, you need a NYC janitorial and maintenance service company that works efficiently and in the background. We know that a clean and safe work environment enhances your customer / employee experience. It helps you keep your existing clients and employees happy and also makes it easier to attract new ones. You can always expect professional janitors, attention to detail and a great value from Mainkey Services Corp.

New York Office Cleaning Services requires a company that can serve a multitude of business types. Mainkey cleaning personnel are well trained in all aspects of professional office cleaning required for Bank office cleaning, Real Estate office cleaning, Dental office cleaning, School cleaning, Medical office cleaning, Retail Store cleaning and many other business and building types. A clean and sanitary NYC office space makes your business more attractive to employees and gives clients the image of professionalism that all businesses strive for.

Move Out Cleaning New York City

move in move out cleaningNYC renters and tenants commonly leave a lot of money on the table when they move out of a building. Building owners generally deduct large sums of money from security deposits that could be returned in full with a simple move out cleaning service from Mainkey. Move out services generally include a top to bottom apartment sanitizing, removal of picture handing nails and screws, light bulb replacement, window and sill cleaning and other cleaning typically left undone. By having Mainkey perform a thorough move out cleaning, you increase your chances for a full security deposit refund. Building owners already know what a great move-out move-in cleaning service that Mainkey Services Corp. provides.

New York Special Event Clean Up

Emergency Cleaning Service New York City

Special events are an everyday occurrence across the Greater New York Metro area. Sporting events, concerts and conventions all create unique cleaning situations. By using Mainkey Building Services for your special event clean up, you will have a crew dedicated to the cleaning task at hand and nothing else. Mainkey crews will return your outdoor event area or indoor venues to pre event cleanliness or better, immediately following your event. Mainkey Services Corp. also provides emergency cleaning services for unplanned events such as a broken water pipe clean up or vandalism clean up after a break in.

New York Exterior Cleaning

Exterior Building Maintenance

Maintaining the visual appeal of your building is an important aspect or acquiring and keeping quality tenants. The benefits don’t stop there, removing dirt, grim and pollutants from the outside of your NY building will increase the usable lifespan of the materials protecting you from the outside elements. Brick, concrete, stone, wood, vinyl, steel and glass all look better for longer and actually last much longer when taken care of with regular cleaning by Mainkey Services Corp.

New York City Floor Cleaning Services

The safety that comes with the regular cleaning of your floors is a critical service of your New York janitorial contractor. Clean floors in NYC are the most important part of eliminating dangerous slips and trips in your building lobby, halls and stairways. Having a New York cleaning company that understands the importance of maintaining a safe work environment through diligent cleanliness gives building owners one less things to worry about. Mainkey Services Corp. can provide you with expert floor cleaning personnel that are experienced and highly trained in stripping, floor waxing and carpet cleaning. Mainkey cleans and maintains all types of commercial flooring, institutional flooring as well as retails floors.

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NY Restroom Cleaning and Restroom Sanitation Services

New York Restroom cleaning and restroom sanitation are at the center of a healthy building and productive work environment. Odors, dirty grout, dirty toilets, dirty urinals and lack of hand towels and toilet tissue can turn any building into a place that no person would like to visit twice. More than one study has shown that unsanitary NY restroom facilities are the number one customers cleanliness complaint in offices and retail locations. To guarantee a well sanitized restroom for your employees and customers call Mainkey Services Corp. today for a free cleaning quote customized for your unique cleaning needs.

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New York Construction Clean Up and Building Clean Out

NY construction clean up can begin immediately after your building contractor has completed their work. Mainkey Services Corp. will come in an return your office, store or entire building into user ready move in condition. The dust, dirt and debris left behind from even the best renovation crews is usually substantial. Their definition of clean usually only includes the removal of left over sheetrock, lumber and steel. Construction and renovation inspections usually go better when the area has been cleaned and left over debris removed. Call Mainkey for free quote on post construction cleaning, hauling, refuse removal and a top to bottom after construction cleaning.

Deep Cleaning New York City

Cleaning for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Disinfect / Sanitize

Call Mainkey Services today to scheduled a professional deep cleaning for your store, office or any commercial building. Commercial buildings that are regularly cleaned may still not be receiving a true deep cleaning process. Call Mainkey Services to schedule a true deep cleaning of your building. Every work environment is unique but all commercial building should be receiving a regular deep cleaning to minimize the presence and spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Everything Dusted, Including Air Vents and Light Fixtures
Vacuuming of Blinds, Windowsills and Drapes
Clean Light Switches and Receptacles
Clean Doors, Jambs and Doorknobs
Vacuum Carpets and Scrub Floor Tile
Sanitize Computer Equipment / Desptops
Clean, Disinfect, Sanitize Employee Lunch Room
Clean and Sanitize Restrooms Grout and Tile Work
Clean or Replace as Needed Caulk Around Toilets and Sinks

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