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Dirty public restrooms are the number one consumer cleanliness complaint against businesses and building owners. Your customers, clients and employees should not be subject to dirty toilets, restrooms out of toilet paper and hand towels, or even non functional facilities. Keeping sinks, toilets and urinals sanitized requires regular scheduled cleaning and the ability to respond to emergency cleaning situations. Using the correct commercial toilet cleaning products along with attention to detail is how Mainkey Services Corp. makes restrooms sparkle.

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Deep Cleaning Restroom Sanitation NYC

Keeping the public toilets in your building, office or retail store clean takes a persistent cleaning effort that only happens with dedicated cleaning personnel and pride in doing a job right. The Mainkey Services Corp. New York cleaning crews are all experienced and professional. They always take great pride in providing superior bathroom cleaning services.

Commercial Restroom Cleaning New York City

Regularly scheduled NY restroom cleaning keeps your NYC public toilets sanitary and functional for your patrons. Mainkey provides a total New York restroom cleaning service for all of our NYC clients.

We start by spraying down all surfaces of urinals, toilets, sinks, stalls, faucets and paper dispensers with environmentally safe disinfectants that kill germs and clean. After a few minutes of dwell time the fixtures are wiped down clean and germ free.

Clean restrooms without paper products are just another complaint waiting to happen. Our cleaning and janitorial crews restock toilet paper and paper towels and check the soap dispensers at regular intervals. Mirrors, countertops are fixtures are always cleaned and disinfected. Toilet bowl cleaner and toilet bowl brush are used to keep the inside of the bowl sanitary. We dust window sills and other hard to reach corners and ledges. Each scheduled cleaning will include inspecting the partitions, walls and other areas for needed spot cleaning. Floors are thoroughly swept including hard to reach places such as behind toilets. Trash cans are emptied and bag replaced. The disinfecting of the trash can is done as needed. We wet mop the floors as needed or as schedule requires. Wet floor signs are used and every safety precaution taken during the restroom sanitizing process.

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