Office Cleaning Brooklyn NY

Deep Cleaning Brooklyn New York

When selecting a Brooklyn New York office cleaning company the most important things to look for is service value. A great cleaning service that is over priced isn’t a good value. Same goes for a cheap cleaning service that doesn’t do a great job of cleaning your office, store or restaurant. Good value for your office cleaning budget means getting your Brooklyn office cleaned, restrooms sanitized, carpets vacuumed and any other cleaning requirements done to your satisfaction each and every time, for a price that you feel is fair.


Brooklyn Restroom Cleaning
Disinfect all countertops
Shine all mirrors
Disinfect toilets and urinals
Wipe down toilet partitions
Clean and shine sinks
Wipe down bathroom cabinets
Empty waste receptacles

Interior window cleaning Brooklyn
Appliance cleaning Brooklyn
Entry way cleaning Brooklyn NY
24/7 emergency cleanups Brooklyn
Steam cleaning Brooklyn
Dust desktops
Dust pictures and plaques
Dust office equipment

The look and cleanliness of your Brooklyn office is a direct reflection on your company. A neatly detailed and clean Brooklyn office will send a message to clients of attention to detail and high standards all around. Clients and consumers in every business sector like doing business in a clean, safe and covid free environment. At Mainkey Services Corp. we understand the importance of your company’s image and how a clean Brooklyn Office affects it. Our staff of trained Brooklyn janitorial crews can provide you with the highest level of office cleaning available in New York. We view our client relationships as a long term team effort to help your company in projecting a great image.

Custom Cleaning Solutions Brooklyn NY

Call Mainkey Services Corp. today to schedule a cleaning or to request a fast cleaning quote 914-233-0210. Our Brooklyn office cleaning services are performed by highly trained and well supervised cleaning professionals that will maintain your office to the cleanliness standards that your clients expect. Mainkey customizes its Brooklyn cleaning schedule to meet the unique cleaning standards of each client.

As a professional Brooklyn office cleaning company we will always accommodate special cleaning requests from our clients. The services listed below are only a sample of the office and building cleaning that we can perform for building owners and businesses.

Since 1978 Mainkey management has provided high quality office cleaning services for businesses of all sizes, large and small. Mainkey has consistenlty been chosen by Brooklyn business owners and Brooklyn building owners, Brooklyn property management companies, and commercial enterprises to maintain and clean their offices and Brooklyn corporate facilities.

Special Event Clean Up Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn Special Event Cleaning and Brooklyn Conference Room Cleaning can be critical for special clients and one time office events. Mainkey office cleaning professionals will make sure your pre event and post event cleaning are done in a timely manner that exceeds your standards.

Contact us today for more your fast cleaning quote 914-233-0210

Wipe down cabinets
Empty waste basket
Vacuum carpeted areas
Sweep all hard surface floors
Mop hard surfaced floors
Ensure clean & safe floors
Tile cleaning & grout cleaning

Break Room Cleaning
Office Kitchen Cleaning
Disinfect all countertop areas
Wipe down microwave oven
Wash out coffee pot
Clean sink and bathroom fixtures
Wipe backsplash areas