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Cleaning New York City floors keeps them safe for pedestrian traffic and looking good for a great impression on clients, tenants and customers of all kinds. New York floor cleaning requires highly trained janitorial personnel that are capable of restoring hardwood floors, cleaning and polishing marble floors and providing floor care for dozens of other hard surface floor surfaces. Mainkey Services Corp. has highly trained floor cleaning professionals to handle even the hardest floors to clean and maintain in New York City.

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Hard to clean dirt, grime and grit can leave New York City Floors looking dirty, worn out dull. When professionally cleaned on a regular schedule floors can be safe for your clients and tenants as well as good looking to maintain your company image. When you decide to have Mainkey Services Corp. provide expert NYC floor waxing and cleaning, the floors in your building or office will maintain their great appearance.

NYC Marble Floor Polishing

New York Marble floors offer a luxurious option that says elegance and beauty like no other flooring. In order to keep Marble looking great proper floor care and maintenance are needed. By using the services of a professional floor cleaning company you can help to prevent stains, cracks and scratches. A professional application of high quality sealer will help to protect your Marble floors for years. Marble floors should receive a regular cleaning with warm water and a soft mop. This will remove the dirt and grit that can cause scratches and permanent damage. For the cleaning of dirtier than normal areas neutral pH cleaners can be used occasionally.

Marble Floor Restoration New York

Grinding a Marble floor is the first step in the restoration process. Grinding may only be required where very deep scratches or severe stains have become imbedded. Honing Marble floors returns the shine and like new appearance. If floors are not severely damaged grinding may not be needed and honing will be the first step in the restoration process. Polishing Marble flooring is usually part of a regular maintenance plan. Total restoration may never be needed if polishing and cleaning are done as needed. The buffing of a Marble floor will bring out a shiny glass like finish that is usually the final step in the New York Marble restoration process.

Hardwood Floor Care New York

Keeping your New York hardwood floors clean from dirt and grit is important to avoid having to do major restoration or expensive replacement. Having the hardwood floor care specialists from Mainkey routinely clean and maintain your floors will mean an extended lifetime of rich beauty and prestige. Well maintained hardwood flooring gives buildings and offices a unique character and warm feel.

Hardwood Floor Restoration NYC

Hardwood floors that are subject to extreme traffic or close proximity to a street entrance may require total restoration from time to time. The refinish process starts with a professional floor sanding. The floor sanding process is critical to the outcome because an inexperienced floor restoration contractor may very well do more harm than good. This process removes ground in dirt and deep wood stains while at the same time creates a new level surface. Once the a layer of wood has been removed your hardwood floors will look like new. To keep them looking this way 2 or 3 coats of a high quality urethane sealer should be used. Having Mainkey Services Corp. as your hardwood floor cleaning contractor means that you already have hardwood floor care professionals on the job.

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Tile Floor Cleaning New York / Vinyl Tile Cleaning

office Floor cleaning nycThe dulling of a floors finish is the most common long issue that commercial floor cleaning face. The problem is usually caused by grains of sand, dirt and debris being tracked across the floor by employees, clients and tenants. As the dirt particles are ground in the floor they work like sand paper, constantly wearing away the finish and then the surface layer and beyond. The best way to prevent dulling and slow down wear is to keep tile floors clean and free of abrasive dirt particles. The Mainkey Services Corp. professional floor care team may provide a regular cleaning of your floors that would include sweeping, vacuuming and mopping on a regular schedule. Our services may also include the regular cleaning of the door maps at all street entrances which are your first line of defense against dirty New York floors.

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Applying commercial grade floor waxes or sealers after each stripping or deep floor cleaning is another way of protecting heavy traffic areas from floor damage. The New York floor cleaning professionals at Mainkey are always careful in selecting the proper floor care products for vinyl tile surface protection.

New York Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning and Sealing

The ceramic tile floors in commercial buildings require regular maintenance to stay clean and safe. This is especially true for areas such as restrooms and kitchens that tend to require additional cleaning resources. The professional NY floor cleaning team at Mainkey specialize in hard to clean tile and even harder to clean grout. Ceramic tile and grout is used in the building process because it is extremely durable and looks great when clean. Keeping it clean and germ free is a big cleaning challenge. To deep clean grout hot water, specialized cleaning compounds and a rotary surface cleaning tool do the job best. A vacuum system is needed to remove the hot water as it cleans. When the Mainkey team finishes cleaning your New York commercial floors they will look like new.

To keep New York tile floors and grout looking like new, Mainkey janitors and floor cleaning professionals may apply a high quality grout sealant that keeps grout looking the original color instead of black from dirt, grease and grim.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning New York, Carpet Stain Removal NYC

New York carpet cleaning in office space and retail stores requires highly trained cleaning technicians that use the best cleaning compounds and carpet cleaning equipment available. Mainkey carpet cleaning professionals follow a set of strict cleaning practices to ensure the cleanest and healthiest commercial carpet for your building or office space. By using the latest stain removal techniques and environmentally safe cleaning solutions Mainkey excels at removing tough carpet stains. The New York janitorial team at Mainkey always uses the most appropriate cleaning techniques. We can provide steam cleaning to dry cleaning your upholstery and drapes for the best possible cleaning results.

New York City commercial floors require constant professional care. Using Mainkey Services Corp. as your professional cleaning team can be your assurance and peace of mind that your floors will always look their best for clients and tenants. Call us today for a no obligation quote on your toughest cleaning challenges 914-233-0210.

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