Tarrytown Commercial Cleaning

Tarrytown cleaning by Mainkey Services is a professional cleaning service that can be customized for the convenience of our commercial clients. Every restaurant, retail store, office or private school has unique cleaning needs. Heavy traffic restaurants may need a thorough nightly cleaning service while a small private office may only need cleaning several times per month, we can accommodate both with exceptional service. Call us today for a comprehensive review of your cleaning needs and a cleaning quote that will fit your budget at a great value.

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There is no substitute for experience in the commercial cleaning business. The owners of Mainkey Services have over 40 years of cleaning experience serving clients in the Tarrytown area of Westchester County New York. Mainkey Services provides commercial cleaning for all types of enterprises. Mainkey commercial cleaning services gives Tarrytown business owners the ability to focus on taking care of their customers and not cleaning up after them. Business owners and managers that work with Mainkey Services know that their floors are clean and safe, that their restrooms are regularly sanitized and their office space, restaurant or store has an inviting in appearance.

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The old saying goes that you never have a second chance to make a great FIRST IMPRESSION. Clients and customers visiting your store, restaurant or office for the first time are much more likely to return if the restrooms are sparkling, the floor tiles or carpets are clean and the entryway is clean and inviting. Having your Tarrytown business professionally cleaned by Mainkey Services will ensure that your customers always see the best possible version of your business.

Tarrytown Commercial Cleaning Services

Insured and bonded
No annual contract
Value pricing
Convenient payment methods
High quality cleaning service
Green cleaning supplies
Professional cleaning equipment
Flexible cleaning schedule
Detailed cleaning analysis
Prompt customer service
Timely resolution of any issues
Access to Mainkey ownership

Restroom Cleaning Tarrytown New York

The number one customer complaint that Tarrytown businesses receive in their reviews is about the cleanliness of their restrooms. Commercial restroom cleaning by Mainkey Services is a great way to ensure that your employee and customer restrooms always remain in clean and sanitized condition. Tarrytown commercial restroom cleaning by Mainkey can take care of your restroom floor to ceiling. Our services includes the thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all toilets, sinks, water and soap fixtures, stalls and mirrors as well as hard to reach and hard to clean places.

Commercial Floor Cleaning Tarrytown New York

Professional floor cleaning by Mainkey Services is an easily implemented and very affordable solution for always having your floors in great shape for your customers. Clean professionally maintained floors make your business a desirable Tarrytown location. Call Mainkey Services today to receive a fast and competitive floor cleaning quote that is sure to fit your cleaning budget.

Tarrytown Floor Cleaning

The need for clean safe floors requires regular care and maintenance that schedules that fit the needs of Tarrytown businesses.

Dirt and city grime is tracked into all businesses on a daily basis. Taking a proactive approach to floor care and having the professional cleaning crew from Mainkey Services taking care of your floors is a prudent way of handling the problem. Mainkey Services offers a professional floor cleaning service that is a great cleaning value and the best way to economically keep your floors in clean and safe condition. Call us today for a comprehensive floor cleaning estaimate that is sure to please.

Floor Stripping and Waxing Tarrytown

Professional solid surface tile floor cleaning usually includes stripping and waxing depending on the particular type of tile. Stripping and waxing begins with the Mainkey Services team first thoroughly removing the dirt, grime and any old failing wax. Clean floors are one of the first things that customers and clients notice when entering any type of store or office building. The floor cleaning professionals at Mainkey always use environmentally safe products to strip old floor wax. Mainkey always uses state of the art floor cleaning equipment that produces great results in less cleaning time and ultimately saving money for our clients.

Floor Tile Cleaning Tarrytown NY

The Mainkey Services floor cleaning proposal starts with a personal inspection and written evaluation of your entire floor area.

We use green cleaning products
Professional floor cleaning equipment
Stripping and waxing options
Inspection for needed flooring repairs
Business specific cleaning options

Floor Tile Grout Cleaning Tarrytown NY

Floor grout is a porous material that easily absorbs dirt, grease and grime causing discoloring. Professional grout cleaning by Mainkey Services delivers a deep clean that restores the natural color and attractiveness. The results of the Mainkey deep grout cleaning can is maintained with the application of a grout sealant that helps the grout maintain the original attractive color. Tarrytown grout cleaning is a highly specialized service and should only be trusted to the true cleaning professionals at Mainkey Services.

Stone Floor Cleaning Tarrytown NY

Travertine tile cleaning Tarrytown New York
Slate floor cleaning Tarrytown
Limestone floor cleaning Tarrytown NY
Marble floor restoration Tarrytown NY
Granite floor cleaning Tarrytown New York
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Stone floor maintenance Tarrytown NY

Natural stone floors are the most beautiful and durable of all commercial flooring. Yet there is always some maintenance and cleaning involved. Long lasting floors of granite, marble, sandstone and slate can be restored to like new condition by the Mainkey flooring professionals. Uneven, rough or damaged natural stone tile areas can be replaced or honed smooth and flat again. Natural stone tile that is beyond repair can be replaced.

Stone tile can last for hundreds of years, in many cases stone flooring that has dulled or is scratched may be professionally honed and polished to a like new appearance. Mainkey Services has a team of flooring professionals that are fully capable of handling all of your floor cleaning and maintenance needs. Call or email today for a fast cleaning and or maintenance quote.

Janitorial Services Tarrytown NY

Mainkey Services provides the best value in janitorial services for restaurants, retail stores, medical building, and professional offices in Tarrytown New York and surrounding Westchester County towns. Mainkey janitors can provide light maintenance services such as changing out light bulbs, minor plumbing repairs, painting and other routine services required in all types of commercial, industrial and institutional buildings.

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Tarrytown Office Cleaning

Cleaning a two room legal office or an entire financial services office building from top to bottom is well within the scope of services that Mainkey is capable of providing. Office cleaning at a great value is what our Tarrytown clients receive everyday. With Mainkey Services our Tarrytown cleaning clients have a single point of contact for all of their cleaning, janitorial and maintenance needs. The professional staff at Mainkey can clean and maintain everything from light fixtures to entry way floor mats and everything in between. Call or email today tfor a fast office cleaning quoute that is sure to please

Restroom sanitizing and disinfecting
Recycle and trash disposal
Computer and delicate equipment cleaning
Green cleaning products
High and low dusting
Vacuuming all carpet areas
Sweeping and damp moping solid floors

Tarrytown Office Cleaning

Highly trained cleaning staff
Guaranteed cleaning results
OSHA compliant cleaning services
Cleaning on your schedule

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tarrytown NY

Mainkey commercial carpet cleaning can help extend the life of your carpet while at the same time giving your floors a fresh clean look. Mainkey professional carpet cleaners use heat, pressure, and extraction, which is the absolute best way of removing more dirt, grease and grime particles from any carpet. We begin your carpets cleaning by first performing a thorough vacuuming to get out any loose particles. The really hard to remove dirt and stains come out during the second phase of our cleaning.

We then prepare a cleaning solution specifically for your carpet type and the condition of the carpets. A rotating brush cleaner is used to work the environmentally safe cleaning agents into the carpet. Hot water is then used to extract all the dirt, lint and grime that has been ground in.

Broadloom Carpet Cleaning Tarrytown
Hard Backed Tile Carpet Cleaning
Cushion Backed Carpet Tile Cleaning
Cleaning Continuous Dyed Carpet
Entry Mat Cleaning Tarrytown
Printed Carpet Cleaning Tarrytown

Power Washing Tarrytown NY

Make a great first impression by ensuring the outside of your building looks as good as new. Mainkey professionals can pressure clean, remove graffiti, clean gutters and improve the overall appearance of your building.

Power Washing Tarrytown
Parking Lot Cleaning
Sidewalk Cleaning
Outside of Building Cleaned
Windows and Doors Cleaned

Exterior Building Cleaning Tarrytown

First impression are the most important. By ensuring the outside appearance of your building always looks great you can be sure of a great first impression. The prompt removal of graffiti and regular cleaning will extend the life of your building while enhancing your business. Grounds, walkways and parking areas can also be improved with proper cleaning and safety inspections.

Tarrytown Post Construction Clean Up

Construction dust and debris are some of the hardest to clean up. If you are trying to get the job done quickly or trying to work through a construction or renovation project, regularly cleaning up is a must. Let Mainkey Services stay on top of the clean up with a regularly schedule construction clean up service.