Mainkey Cleaning Services

Providing The Key To Cleanliness

Janitorial Services

Numerous corporate and business offices need custodial and janitorial services. Mainkey Services Inc. is here to provide top of the line cleaning with cutting edge technology to make sure all working spaces are cleaned to the best of our abilities and making sure employees come into work to a safe and clean environment for the company to execute their jobs. We are willing to work with you so together we can create a safer and cleaner future is what we aim for.

  • Office(s) 
  • Store(s) 
  • Governmental Facilities (Military Bases) 
  • Industrial Building(s) 
  • Hotel(s)/Motel(s) 
  • Nursing Home(s) 
  • Super Markets 

Residential Services

As a valued client we understand that you work every day and there are times that you cannot clean and this where Mainkey Cleaning Services Inc. comes into play. Despite all the responsibilities you might have, we can come anytime during the day and anytime during the week that you may need cleaning. The relief of coming home to a cleaned house done to your taste is our way of providing the key to cleanliness. We as well provide paint renovations if needed.

  • Home(s) 
  • Apartments(s) 
  • Nursing Home(s) 
  • Construction Site(s)

Academic Services

With colleges, universities, and other institutions of education Mainkey Services Inc.wants to make the teaching and learning experience a safe and clean environment. Faculty and students shouldn’t need to worry, we are providing our best services to keep everyone clean and safe, with industry-changing academic institutional cleaning.

  • School(s) 
  • Universities 
  • College(s) 

Commercial Services

From new buildings to remodeling there is always so much that needs to be clean up. To bring the finished image for the building or home into perspective Mainkey Service Inc. will do all cleanups from dust, debrief and dirt on floors, carpet, painting and specific outside areas. We have many associates that are skilled and trained to handle various works with post-construction jobs.

  • Office(s)
  • Factories
  • Governmental Facilities (Military Bases) 
  • Airports(s) 
  • Industrial Building(s) 
  • Supermarket(s) 
  • Parking Lot(s) 
  • Bank(s) 
  • Construction Site(s) 
  • Restaurant(s) 
  • Hospital(s)